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You can always find some other table. Just don;t go outside the tent as you might not get in anymore. This year the second wednesday was the public holiday 3rd October. We were issued with armbands with our reservations. This normally only happens at weekends. They were only letting us in through a special entrance as we had armbands. Hence as suggested above try to hit for 3pm.

You might however also find something later on around 7pm. On the 2nd October be there early to mid afternoon.

Oktoberfest Munich Break

It really is hit and miss. I went with my son on the first monday. Arrive pm and the Hacker doors already locked. We just shared a reserved table with some australian girls from Brisbane until 5pm reservation time. We were ok though as my wife was at another do so we had somewhere to go. You also have to watch the weather. Any sign of rain and people milling around the Wies'n grounds head into the tents hence making them overfill and resulting in them being locked. Our company had reservations on the 2nd this year Augustiner and the tent was locked from before we arrived there at 4.

On a sunny day, I'd say you should be fine if you aim to get in early at about midday or so but the security is very coordinated nowadays so you could have all doors opened one minute and literally all closed the next so if you want to go in, then get in if the door is open and dont be hanging round in the beergarden hoping for a signal that the tent is to close.

There is no signal. And as the previous poster said, if its pishin from the heavens then it'll be an effort to get into a tent except if you are there reasonably early as the beergarden overflow will not be taking the excess crowds like it does in good weather. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and advice, everyone, greatly appreciated. I'm feeling better about the holiday situation - sounds like we should be ok My friend is very outgoing and friendly, so I'm sure we will be able to find spots at tables providing all the tents are not locked.


Everything you need to know about Oktoberfest – including how to book a last-minute trip

I will definitely plan to arrive mid-afternoon at the latest. It's funny, my first visit to Germany was in Berlin , also early October. I had forgotten all about the confusion with the closed streets and diverted buses because of the holiday and parade. There were these amazing, massive puppets parading through the streets - happy accident that I was there for the holiday. And no, Ger, not retired - you make a good point!

Screw Neuschwanstein, just drink beer!

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Giftzwerg "Arrive pm and the Hacker doors already locked. We just shared a reserved table with some australian girls from Brisbane until 5pm " I am bringing my NEW" girl next year, and she has been asking many questions, as she has been all over Spain and Italy , and N.

Africa , but not to Bavaria. She asked me last week "Where are the best places - within walking distance, to eat lunch, then kind of walk back, getting some much needed exercise, perhaps 2 to 4 k's, before we go to the Large Bier tents, sitting on our tush's for a few hours???

This is a good question.. I personally like places near the Englischer Garten , and other areas, perhaps a 30 min walk from the Theresienweise.. You can get a huge slice of pizza, a bier, perhaps a Gyro at a few stops on Bayer strasse, close to the Hbf.

Prost! Join us at the world’s largest Folk Festival.

Also, there are some great Italian places close to the Marienplatz , between there and the Asam Kirche, etc. Profile JOIN. I will be using Bucket List again to go to Spain to Run with the bulls! The staff, the accommodations, well worth it. I believe I saved money doing my Oktoberfest trip with them.

Just got back from Oktoberfest , and our 1st trip with Bucket List Events. The entire trip was a blast, the organizers were a great help and a ton of fun, and there was no shortage of things to do without feeling rushed or bored. Between the tent reservations, the bike tours, and the awesome crew, I can definitely say there's no way we could've packed in such a great time on our own.

Just one example of the amazing hospitality: Our flight arrived in Munich a little late for the welcome dinner, and we were half expecting to not be able to make it Toby, Fatima, Nataliya, Kendra - thank you all for an awesome time and a week of great memories! We had a 15 person trip to Oktoberfest this September and the whole trip, end to end was brilliant. All of our party was more than pleased with all aspects - BucketList Events exceeded our expectations and we are thankful for such a fun and smooth trip!! Kendra, Rich, and the rest of the Bucket List team were very organized, experienced, and had so many fun things planned throughout!

It was so much fun getting to experience the best things germany had to offer in 3 days without all the stress and exhaustion required to research and plan something like it on my own! I especially liked how they spaced out the events so you got time to explore and do other things in addition to the events they planned!

We will definitely be looking to plan another bucket list event in the near future!

Even before the trip, we knew we would be in great hands. Toby and his team were there from check-in to check-out to answer questions, provide recommendations and ensure everyone had a great time. The tent reservations were stellar! Greg and I both stated this will be a repeat trip for us in the future.

Thank you for the expert planning and wonderful hospitality. I went to Oktoberfest with Bucket List. It was amazing. Our guide was fantastic. The group was fun and welcoming. Loved our Oktoberfest experience with Bucket List events!

Oktoberfest | Beer Festivals | Fred.\ Holidays

Our small and large tent reservations were perfect and watching the parade from our hotel window was icing on the cake. Toby and team were excellent hosts - insuring our Oktoberfest time was a ton of fun? Toby and his staff did a amazing job, very helpful and made it a wonderful experience for our whole group of And Oktoberfest was the most fun I have had in years. I will on another Bucket List tour for sure. And Toby, Kelley and I talked about our experience with Bucket List over and over again through the rest of our trip through Europe.

Toby and the gang were great at Oktoberfest Having them their to guide us to the tents was wonderful. Holiday Inn Munich - City Centre. Ambiance Rivoli. Eurostars Book Hotel. Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room, Bed and breakfast. Quaint, kind of quirky, and definitely a Munich-must, the Glockenspiel is a sight to behold.

Part of the 2 nd construction phase of the New Town Hall, it consists of 43 bells and 32 life-sized figures. Every day it chimes and re-enacts two stories from 16th-century Bavarian legend. The show lasts for around 15 minutes and is quite a feat of engineering to watch. If you like your attractions gold-plated, this one is for you.

The original home of Bavaria's Royalty the Wittelsbachs in , the Residenz is Munich's number one attraction. Inside, you can see all of the glittery treasures that have been collected over the centuries. In fact, there are so many of them, the treasures take up around half of the palace. This museum is a temple to science and technology. Filled with state of the art interactive features, demonstrations and experiments, the museum aims to make physics, technology and even human biology engaging and fun. It even manages to successfully entertain the kids in its custom built Kinderreich, hosting attractions like a kid-size mouse wheel and a water fun area.

Calling all beer drinkers! A must in this part of Bavaria is a visit to an authentic beer hall. As the home of Oktoberfest, Munich is renowned for its range of Bavarian beers, with many local beers being brewed in the city itself. Traditionally German food is to be expected in Munich.

Oktoberfest in Germany in 2020

Few cultures do sausages like the Bavarians. Finally, Munich offers its very own speciality to round off a typical German meal nicely. Restaurants vary hugely in Munich because of its intermingling cultures.

As a central hub of European business, there are many places for fine dining dotted all over the city.